Jungle Boss

Day 4 – I’m afraid that we have caused grave offense. And/or hurt feelings. Actually, I’m not sure what we’ve done, exactly, but whatever it was, we’ve somehow stirred up a bit of a panic with the proprietors of our hotel. What was this great insult and/or breach of decorum? We turned down the free breakfast at our hotel. But first, some context. Read More

From Hell to Paradise

Day 3 – Sooooo, here’s the thing. Manny and Karen are on an adventure around the world for a year, which means they need to be diligent and careful about how they spend their finite dolla dolla bills. Accordingly, since joining Manny and Karen, I’ve officially entered the budget traveling part of this trip. This place we arrived at last night, a motel called Vagibi, is $38 for all three nights. And it shows. Read More

The Fellowship Converges in the East

Day 2 – Jet lag means into bed at 2am and back awake at 6am. Quite the opposite from yesterday’s late day of haze and laze. Hunger might’ve had something to do with the crack of dawn wake up, since my sole meal yesterday was that yummy bowl of faux pho soup. Rumbly belly and wide awake, I headed down for my first Vietnamese breakfast. Read More

The Belizean Nuptials

Belize, Part 2 – Ah, mawwiage. Belize has never been on my travel bucket list. Not for any reason other than… well, no reason really. It just never struck me as a place that I needed to visit. My motivation for the trip was entirely because it was the destination of choice for my good friend, Arielle’s, wedding. And since I was already making the trip down there, I, of course, needed to extend the trip to do some exploring. Accordingly, part one was all about me going off on my own Belizean adventures (day 1 through day 6), and part two was all about mawwiage and delighting in the company of good friends, as well as making some new ones. Read More