Mythbusters: The Halong Bay Edition

Day 10 – Ah, Halong. The majesty and mystery of Halong Bay. Described as a place where towering limestone pillars and tiny islets topped by forest rise from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. Or how about this one, a scatter of islands, dotted with wind and wave-eroded grottoes, that is a vision of ethereal beauty. The nature-worshipper in me was fairly buzzing with excitement upon waking today. Let’s just say that the truth was more akin to this: a scatter of trash, crowded with boats and inconsiderate tourists, that is a cloudy vision of faded beauty.  Read More

A Taste of Hanoi

Day 9 – We are a nothing if not a sleepy bunch, and the intensity of the Hanoi hustle zapped the life out of us. A lie-in was called for, and we indulged in a nice late wake-up. Which isn’t to say that we didn’t take full advantage of the day. You might even say that we gorged on it. Read More

The Hanoi Hustle

Day 8 – Our days on the sleeper trains behind us, we caught an early flight to Hanoi. Even before getting to our new city, we all kind of silently wrote this day off as a transit day. Read More

City of Lanterns

Days 6 + 7 – From my first few moments in Hoi An, I knew it would end up being a favorite stop on this trip. I’m usually pretty good at intuiting this kind of thing, and I wasn’t wrong. Read More

On the Sleeper Train

Day 5 – Today I woke to the sound of a woman hacking up a chicken with a machete. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d find myself writing. Read More