Zoo Animals

Day 6 – This one has been a long time in the making… turns out that vacation plus people is not a great recipe for blog writing. I fully expected this to be the case, as much the same happened during my Switzerland/England/Wales sojourn last year, but naively, I tried to fight it. Clearly, I lost that battle… and so a few months later, here I am catching up. To close out the suite of Belize posts, we have this here summary of day 6, and then perhaps, if I’m feeling up to it, a single post to recap the second half of the trip—friend marriage fun time. Read More

The Recap

It’s been two weeks since I returned from the land beyond the sea, and I’m still struggling to find my footing. Jet lag has hit me like never before. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to get a handle on my sleep schedule. This past Friday my day began at a bright, early, and definitely not-yet-sunshiney 2am. But that’s not the only thing.  Read More

On the (Kiwi) road

Day 11 – Stiff and sore was my poor battered body this morning. Certain calcified muscles received a rude awakening with the whole hanging on for dear life thing yesterday. Thankfully not too much exertion would be required from me because today was the big drive. Hitting the road, road-trippin’, cruising down through the west coast of the south island down to my next stop, Franz Josef glacier. Read More

Itinerary be damned

Day 1 and I’ve already thrown caution to the wind. If this were a novel, I’d start here in the thick of the action. But since this is a travel (b)log I feel I must take you with me on my journey chronologically (I’m sure if I looked the true blog-tiquette up somewhere I’d realize I’m tremendously wrong in making this assumption.)

Nonetheless! From the top! Read More

Whoo Girl

WHOOOOOOOOO. That’s me right now. WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It’s the first hour of my 13.5 hour flight from San Francisco to Auckland so I’m sure the WHOOO will turn into zzzzswhatomgsotired. But for now… WHOOOO! I am a whoo girl because the next time I stand on Mother Godess’s sweet sweet soil, it will be New Zealand soil. So, WHOO.

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