The Belizean Nuptials

Belize, Part 2 – Ah, mawwiage. Belize has never been on my travel bucket list. Not for any reason other than… well, no reason really. It just never struck me as a place that I needed to visit. My motivation for the trip was entirely because it was the destination of choice for my good friend, Arielle’s, wedding. And since I was already making the trip down there, I, of course, needed to extend the trip to do some exploring. Accordingly, part one was all about me going off on my own Belizean adventures (day 1 through day 6), and part two was all about mawwiage and delighting in the company of good friends, as well as making some new ones. Read More

Zoo Animals

Day 6 – This one has been a long time in the making… turns out that vacation plus people is not a great recipe for blog writing. I fully expected this to be the case, as much the same happened during my Switzerland/England/Wales sojourn last year, but naively, I tried to fight it. Clearly, I lost that battle… and so a few months later, here I am catching up. To close out the suite of Belize posts, we have this here summary of day 6, and then perhaps, if I’m feeling up to it, a single post to recap the second half of the trip—friend marriage fun time. Read More

Out, Damned Spot(s)!

Day 5 – Upon waking this morning, I instinctually touched the skin on my face and neck. What I found was far from pleasant. It was not human skin. I may have gone to bed as mostly human, but I woke a mix of plucked chicken and scaly lizard. I’m morphing into a jungle creature, but not in a cool way… in a wretched greyscale kinda way.  Read More

Mayan Perspective at Caracol

Day 4 – Slow down please Old Man Time. This is my last scheduled tour while in the Cayo District. Tomorrow I’ve planned a low-key day puttering around the bounds of my jungle resort, and after that, I go meet up with the wedding party. For now, ruins and waterfalls on the docket. Read More

Caves and Chill

Day 3 – Oh today was, in some ways, the exact opposite of yesterday. Not because today sucked, but because today was all about floating around and getting high on the scenery and turning off your mind. Pictures I have aplenty. Thoughts have merged into the sights. Today I mellowed out and floated down a river, through a couple caves, and out into this artificial-looking (because too beautiful to be real) river water. This is a WEIRD analogy… but I felt like I was on Wonka’s river boat, looking at all the creepy (in the cave) but stunning scenery along the way. So this one’s gonna be more of a picture log than anything else, though there were some notable moments along the way.  Read More