The Recap

It’s been two weeks since I returned from the land beyond the sea, and I’m still struggling to find my footing. Jet lag has hit me like never before. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to get a handle on my sleep schedule. This past Friday my day began at a bright, early, and definitely not-yet-sunshiney 2am. But that’s not the only thing.  Read More

Across the Pond – the other one

It’s here. At long last I am well on my way, sitting through the first leg of my 20+ hour trip to explore all the delights New Zealand has to offer. I’m not counting this as Day 1 of my trip though. This is Day 0. Prep day. Travel day. The on-ramp. I’m simply not feeling the adage of the journey vs. destination because, in this case, the real journey awaits me at my destination.

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