A Taste of Hanoi

Day 9 – We are a nothing if not a sleepy bunch, and the intensity of the Hanoi hustle zapped the life out of us. A lie-in was called for, and we indulged in a nice late wake-up. Which isn’t to say that we didn’t take full advantage of the day. You might even say that we gorged on it. Read More

City of Lanterns

Days 6 + 7 – From my first few moments in Hoi An, I knew it would end up being a favorite stop on this trip. I’m usually pretty good at intuiting this kind of thing, and I wasn’t wrong. Read More

The Fellowship Converges in the East

Day 2 – Jet lag means into bed at 2am and back awake at 6am. Quite the opposite from yesterday’s late day of haze and laze. Hunger might’ve had something to do with the crack of dawn wake up, since my sole meal yesterday was that yummy bowl of faux pho soup. Rumbly belly and wide awake, I headed down for my first Vietnamese breakfast. Read More

Out, Damned Spot(s)!

Day 5 – Upon waking this morning, I instinctually touched the skin on my face and neck. What I found was far from pleasant. It was not human skin. I may have gone to bed as mostly human, but I woke a mix of plucked chicken and scaly lizard. I’m morphing into a jungle creature, but not in a cool way… in a wretched greyscale kinda way.  Read More

Mayan Perspective at Caracol

Day 4 – Slow down please Old Man Time. This is my last scheduled tour while in the Cayo District. Tomorrow I’ve planned a low-key day puttering around the bounds of my jungle resort, and after that, I go meet up with the wedding party. For now, ruins and waterfalls on the docket. Read More