A Taste of Hanoi

Day 9 – We are a nothing if not a sleepy bunch, and the intensity of the Hanoi hustle zapped the life out of us. A lie-in was called for, and we indulged in a nice late wake-up. Which isn’t to say that we didn’t take full advantage of the day. You might even say that we gorged on it. Read More

A thin line between danger and adventure

Day 8 – Waking up in Abel Tasman felt incredible. I could not have asked for a more gloriously perfect day. The region is famed for its unfailingly steady weather, and today it held up to its reputation. As has been my challenge with this entire trip, I struggled in choosing between the many different options and potential activities for the day. So I took a little trip down to iSITE, the strand of info centers across NZ, to pick someone’s brain and beg for help deciding my plan for the day.  Read More

Vineyards of Marlborough

Day 7 – Easy living today. Chillin’ out max and relaxin’ all cool. A stop in Marlborough was not part of the original tour, but elaborate visions of sprawling vineyards had a magnetism that I just couldn’t resist. Read More

Windy Wellington

Day 6 – Massively overambitious in my itinerary for the day. I wanted to make up for what I deemed was a “lost” day yesterday, even though it clearly wasn’t, and so I jam packed my day. I bought the ferry ticket to the North Island the night before. No way was I staying in town for Elton John madness. The ferry was slotted to leave port at 5pm, but I needed to register my car by 4pm. That left from 8am – 4pm to pack in as much of Windy Wellington as I possibly could. This frantic attitude did not end up being very conducive to a nice morning. Read More