Jungle Boss

Day 4 – I’m afraid that we have caused grave offense. And/or hurt feelings. Actually, I’m not sure what we’ve done, exactly, but whatever it was, we’ve somehow stirred up a bit of a panic with the proprietors of our hotel. What was this great insult and/or breach of decorum? We turned down the free breakfast at our hotel. But first, some context. Read More

From Hell to Paradise

Day 3 – Sooooo, here’s the thing. Manny and Karen are on an adventure around the world for a year, which means they need to be diligent and careful about how they spend their finite dolla dolla bills. Accordingly, since joining Manny and Karen, I’ve officially entered the budget traveling part of this trip. This place we arrived at last night, a motel called Vagibi, is $38 for all three nights. And it shows. Read More

Trip to the Underworld

Day 2 – Today I learned, for certain, that I’m obsessed with caving. I want to throw caution to the wind and become a professional spelunker. The caving excursion in New Zealand remains one of the best days of my life. This didn’t quite match up, but is not left far behind. Seriously though. Caves. I’m not nearly as freaked out by them as I probably should be. But I love bats (so cute!) and spiders mostly stick to themselves, and who can be scared of a blind catfish? It’s too cold for anything really scary to live in there, except for our dear friend Gollum, and we’re cool. Read More

The Final Chapter

Day 14 – For the average human, I have more than my fair share of quirks. Read More

Gandalf the Grumpy

Day 10 – Ahhh yes. Tapped into my latina genes today and lay about in bed for way later than I should have, drifting in and out of a sweet syrupy sleep, blissfully aware that I had nowhere to be and nothing to do. That I needed to do anyway. Around 9:45am I mustered enough energy to get dressed and think about where, exactly, I wanted to bum around for the day. I stopped by the front desk for some ideas, and booked myself a 2pm beach-side horse ride. All a part of my relaxing day, of course. Who could turn down a quiet afternoon horse ride in Abel Tasman? Not me. Certainly not me. Read More